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Aaron Minc Scholarship
Aaron Minc Scholarship

Aaron Minc Scholarship is open to students in high schools & serves as a means of supporting them to go to college & achieve their dreams.

Aaron Minc law is a recognized leader in the specialized area of internet defamation and is known as the go-to-attorney for the most malicious and challenging internet defamation crisis.

This has made this firm to be awarding Aaron Minc Scholarship as one of the ways to support education and also assist those that are needy and need some form of assistance to achieve their dreams.

The Aaron Minc Scholarship is open to all students in high school which serves as a means of supporting and encouraging them to go to college and achieve their dreams of becoming a university graduates.

 It is open to all students from every major and all areas of study in the whole of United States.

Aaron Minc Law

Aaron has developed cost-effective cutting-edge legal solutions for his clients’ most pressing and damaging online problems, while providing them with the peace of mind that these intrusive matters have been resolved.

Aaron represents clients worldwide, ranging from individuals, small to mid-size businesses and Fortune 500 companies to large nonprofit organizations, government institutions, individuals and high-profile executives, celebrities and politicians.

His work is on the leading edge of the ever-evolving realm of internet defamation, which includes uncovering the identities of anonymous Internet users and removing damaging content from the Internet, competitor defamation, Internet extortion, online investigation, online harassment, online cyber bullying, revenge porn, online privacy, and other types of defamatory cyber attacks.

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Aaron has been actively involved in the evolving area of Internet defamation for over the past seven years. He applies his extensive experience and understanding of defamers’ tactics and strategies to efficiently and effectively address and resolve issues.

Aaron has successfully litigated more than 100 Internet defamation lawsuits in 19 states and 3 countries, securing removal of defamatory content in nearly all of his cases. He has successfully obtained verdict by jury and judge and has won temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunction and victory on appeal. In the course of his practice,

Aaron has removed more than 10,000 websites, search results and other pieces of false or damaging content from the Internet.

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Award Amount

The Aaron Minc scholarship is worth $1,500 and you can only apply for it online

Eligible Countries 

The scholarship award is only applicable to United States citizens and it is only tenable in the United States.

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Who Is Eligible To Apply For the Aaron Minc Scholarship

The Aaron Minc scholarship shows the commitment of the Minc law firm to education and to supporting the interested students in the United States of America.

There are criteria to be met before one can apply but the first thing to note is that it is only opened to students from United States

. There are conditions to be met by the applicants and these are:

  • Applicant must have chosen a college and university with an acceptable course of study.
  • Applicants must be graduating from high school in the 2019 calendar year and must have been approved into a college or any university in the United States.
  • Applicants who are presently registered in college or university but have not reached their senior year.

How to Apply For the Aaron Minc Scholarship

To begin the application the process so as to win the scholarship.  Interested applicants are to fill in an online form by registering online on Aaron Minc Scholarship official website.

  • Then the applicants are to send all the supporting documents by uploading them online. Some of these documents include proof of enrolment.
  • The major entry requirements still remains that all applicants must be United State citizens from any of the 50 states that make up the United States of America.
  • Language requirements; it is compulsory that all applicants have the appropriate English language skills.

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Benefit of Aaron Minc Scholarship 

 The scholarship provides support to the students to finance his or her education with the sum of $1,500 dollars that is meant to contribute to the college bill and through this, it would less the burden of financial aspect of the education.

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Final Note

The Aaron Minc scholarship provides financial support to high school students to encourage them to go to college and also to make their dreams come true. Some of the students might actually need some financial help in order to make their educational processes go smoothly without any form of hindrances whatsoever.

This is a good will from Aaron Minc, and if other corporate bodies can inculcate this habit of giving scholarship. Definitely, the world will be a better place to live.